Sunday, September 12, 2004

Reflections on Thursday's lecture....

Last Thursday morning, I was tired an entered the classroom somewhat sleepy. I left the classroom awake, prepared and smiling. How fun it was to discover such a lovely passage on the importance of Literature! I very much enjoyed Walter Pater's thoughts on not placing so much importance on a lesson, morality, or even complicity in a work- yet simply valuing the beauty of a work. One of my favorite books is Where the Sidewalk Ends, by Shell Silverstien. It is a childrens book of poetry, often very simple, yet fun. To love, understand or even apprecitate a work of literature does not mean it has to be lofty, academic or extremely complex. Literature should enteratin and inspire and Thursday's class seem to shine a bit of light on the daring decision to become an English major. Also, the President of the University's cameo was entertaining as well.


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