Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What literary work has changed your world?

This is broad and rather vague question, yet I would like to adress the question in regards to art. Literature is a form of art and the form of art which changed the view of my world would be the painting Cafe Terrace At Night by Vincent Van Gough. This painting hangs in my parents living room, and has been in the same spot ever since I can remember. I love this painting with it's rich golds, and lazy light. This work of art changed my world because it simply inspired me to want to see this beautiful and romantic setting. I want to travel and seek out this little cafe in Paris. It is wonderful to think of the thousands of beauitful places around the world, depicted in either fine art, or the art of words. I am excited to graduate becasue one of the first things I want to do, is to purchase a one way ticket to Europe and see as much ancient beauty as I can, and number one on that list is Cafe Terrace!


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